"The Black Mother Wound" Book Premiere on The Phillipe SHOCK Mathews Youtube Show. (10/27/22)

Join me, Bakhet Ma’aT Sat Ra & Dr. Reverend Phillipe SHOCK Mathews, (of SHOCK METAPHYSICS), and scholar/educator Dr. Clyde Winters, on Thursday 10/27/22 @ 10am (PDT) as we unpack the journey to heal The Black Mother Wound in the White-Supremacy/Terrorism Pandemic – on The Phillipe Shock Mathews YouTube channel. The Black Mother Wound: A Kemetic Centered Thought Remedy, by Bakhet Ma’aT Sat Ra, is available in print, or for download at AMAZON & KOBO booksellers!

DISHONESTY. LOVE. CONTROL. MANIPULATION. VICTIMIZATION. DENIAL. MONEY. BITTERNESS. Are we willing to have a conversation about THE BLACK MOTHER WOUND? Are we willing to tell the truth. . .

This even featured Bakhet Ma'at Sat Ra, the author of THE BLACK MOTHER WOUND: A KHEMETIC CENTERED THOUGHT REMEDY, featured guests Dr. Clyde Winters, Sista Shanice, and more, as we got willing to look at the journey to heal The Black Mother Wound.

Thank you Sista Shanice for this prolific afternoon. Wow! Check out esteemed guests Brother Edison Agbandje and Brother Jammers as we go deep into the power within.

How to tap into your master internal intelligence, your inner self. Did you know that your master intelligence is functioning inside of you but there are blockages getting in the way? Despite the obstacles learn how to elevate your inner higher intelligence.

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