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The Black Mother Wound:
A Kemetic Centered Thought Remedy

By Bakhet Ma'aT Sat Ra

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Join us SPRING 2023

Attending the Wound

A Zamani2Sasa E-course

with Bakhet Ma'aT Sat Ra

*For every child of a Black mother!

let's Realize, Recognize, Respond, and Resist the generational wounds of Black Motherhood.

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Zamani2Sasa KCTR™, is based on ancestral African technology: the first thought idea of the first born people (Shock, 2019) that qualified; interceptive, perceptive, receptive, conceptive and intuitive consciousness.

"Nothing is wrong with Black Motherhood,

Something happened to it."

-SHOCK Metaphysics, 2019

Kemetic Centered Thought Remedy (KCTR™) reflects the process of dismantling thought ideas that diminish the intuitive consciousness of the divine Black feminine relationship with the Black Mother Wound.

In this 10-HOUR Downloadable E-course, we will cover:

  • Acknowledgement & Validations: The first step of the KCTR process involves acknowledging the historical and epigenetic impacts of THE BLACK MOTHER WOUND on our lives and validating our own experience of it. This includes recognizing and accepting the pain, anger, and other emotions that may originate from the wound.

  • Root Cause Analysis: The next step of the KCTR process. We will identify the root causes of THE BLACK MOTHER WOUND through systemic transgressions, cultural stereotypes and tropes that shape our family histories and personal experiences.

  • Reclaiming Ancestral Identity: In this step, we embrace our own rich cultural practices, values and beliefs that support healing and growth. We design our personal method of reconnecting with our divine principle, honoring our ancestors and integrating the activities and engagement that promotes our healing and resilience.

  • Forgiveness and Reconciliation: The fourth step of the KCTR process involves forgiving ourselves and other for past traumas, and developing personalized strategies for self-care by elevating our intuitive consciousness as a response to manufactured narratives.

  • Integration and Transformation: Finally, we focus on integrating transformational practices into our daily consciousness, and continuing to cultivate a sense of self-awareness, self-determination, self-acceptance and self-love.

Join us as we explore the conscious and unconscious workings of our attitudes, behaviors, and conversations, and how they promote, or diminish The Black Mother Wound.

  • Create a personal Wound attendance KCTR™ chart to enhance our clarity of the center from which we intend to operate.

  • Develop spiritual literacy to budget our space, time, energy and movement (S.T.E.M) as a path to true personal and collective wealth.

Participants will receive:


  • Perpetual access to course units

  • pre-post Unit worksheet downloads

  • 14-day Aset "calling in the pieces" shadow ceremony of wholeness prompts

  • Journal prompts & personal shadow work inventories

  • S.T.E.M benchmark inventory for weekly spiritual goals

  • Zamani2Sasa "Attending the Wound" monthly blog author invitation!

E-course release Date:

  • SPRING 2023

Adult Perceptions About Black Girls
Adult Perceptions About Black Girls

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