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You are being asked to participate in a research study. The purpose of this research study is to determine the therapeutic effect of "white-outs", defined as the reduction, removal or neutralization of proximity and exposure to whiteness.
Whiteness is not synonymous with a racial identity, but for the purposes of this study, whiteness is defined as an opaque, parasitic, hyperconscious subject-object relational style marked by chronic dispositional contempt (Moss, 2021), in white-supremacist societies.

Current psychological research, and literature, contends that Foundational Black American (FBA), and Foundational Black British (FBB) women experience higher levels of mental illness. As well, the everyday experiences of white supremacy i.e., proximity, and frequency of exposure, to whiteness, is associated with a disproportionately greater response in FBA women's emotion regulation, fear inhibition, and visual attention regions of the brain. This phenomena represents a neurobiological pathway for somatic, cognitive, and psychological illness in our community.

FBA and FBB women traveling outside white settler societies experience a reduction, removal, or neutralization of proximity, and exposure, to whiteness, which may improve health outcomes. FBA and FBB women are in a unique position to document the therapeutic value of separation from whiteness.

The recent apology from the American Psychological Association highlights the historical, and generational terrorism inflicted upon the FBA population through it's 98% white-settler psychiatric, and 96% white settler psychological provider members (O'Malley, 2021). The emergence of recent social movements, and initiatives i.e., #BLAXIT, #ExodUS, and #YearofReturn, encouraging the FBA and FBB population to separate from whiteness as a method to improve mental health, suggests white-outs are correlated with an overall improved quality of life. This study is timely since it addresses a knowledge gap in the current white settler psycho-sociological episteme.

Because psychology developed during colonial enslavement of "others", it is not surprising that white supremacist ideology has become, and remains, an integral part of the discipline (Waldron, 2002). White-settler psychology seeks to impose psychological integration of white-supremacy based trauma , as a coping strategy to improve FBA and FBB women's mental health outcomes.

While most white-settler psychological, psychiatric, and sociological scholarship seeks a strategy to comprehend white-supremacy, through grouping types and features, for an appropriate responsiveness, this contribution to clinical research examines the white-out as an alternative method of non-responsiveness. This study seeks to reject the validity of white settler psychology's attempt to position cultural competency, and awareness of whiteness, as effective instruments to address the traumatic impacts of exposing FBA and FBB women to the science of whiteness.

"Where white mad selves work to reclaim themselves from the violence of psychiatry, [Foundational Black female] mad selves work to reclaim themselves from the violence that makes psychiatry possible..." (Mollow, 2006).

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