The sound of a ☥Black Room

A Cool Affair in South Africa

"James Brown used to always say, 'the most important sounds in music are not the notes you make, it's the spaces between the notes that make the music'. "  - Baba Kaba Hiawatha Kamene

The pause.  The silence.  This is what creates the vibration that gives our words meaning.  As above, so below.  It is the pause, the respite from the distortion, dis order and dis ease of proximity to white-settler unconsciousness that restores and rejuvenates the KA.

Make sure your ☥BLACK ROOM, touches every EsSense of your vessel. 

Sight (Vision)

Hearing (Auditory)

Smell (Olfactory)

Taste (Gustatory)

Touch (Tactile)

Vestibular (Movement):  the movement and balance sense, which gives us information about where our head and body are in space.

We can help you with two of these.  Check out the Prince of Broken Beats "Cool Affair', a man who comes from a jazz background and is a second generation Sound Engineer/ Producer/deejay from South Africa.  He specializes in Electro Jazz/broken beat/Nu jazz and also produces House music,world music,Afro Beat and Instrumental hip hop.  Cool Affair started his music production career in 2006 as a broken beat and deep house producer, and is a favorite ☥BLACK ROOM, must.

The Project, 'Detox G.T.E.B.H.B', is the musical heralding of Afrikan-Centred restorative voices that mainstream media maligns and occludes. It is an ensemble of Afrikan-Centred Scholars Black Power Activists who have positioned themselves to use their voices to call the Black Race to a place of self-reflection and introspection, and to create an energy space that will help the race reinvigorate itself by ridding itself of all forms of alienation resultant from a long psychohistory of consciousness falsification and cultural misorientation, exerted by the invader race enemies of Mama Afrika and Her Children. The concept of 'Detox' is premised on this project's view that is echoed in all the voices in it that a proper Afrikan Revolution would require that Afrikan people go through a cleansing process, as a predicate to it, to first shed away all the foreign invasive and dislocating ways of knowing and living to develop clarity and courage to confront the foundational lies of the current anti-Afrikan ontology in order to create for ourselves a meaningful and purpose-clear NEW BLACK ORDER wherein we will have our liberation and independence as a race, by which we assert and exact ourselves to the world through our own centering agency as sovereigns! Cool Affair has made sound musings to these restorative revolutionary voices with high vibrational musical ingredients that form the sacred lake into which the toxified Afrikan Soul will meditatively immerse itself for cleansing and re-strengthening! Time to Detox is NOW!

Create the space, time, energy and movement to create your ☥BLACK ROOM, and check out some of the products we offer to support your detoxification.

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