The ☥BLACK ROOM as the Middle Path

wasatiyyah (وسط, وسطية) is the Arabic word for best, middle, centered, balanced, middle way or moderation.




The ☥BLACK ROOM as the Middle Path; PHILOS.

Floor plan of the Temple of Amun at Karnak demonstrating the hierarchy of spatial elements: the forecourt; the hypostyle hall; and the inner sanctuary, corresponding HUEmen temple.

Corresponding determinants of HUEmen design principle.

"Salvation is the freeing of the soul from its bodily fetters, becoming a God through knowledge and wisdom, controlling the forces of the cosmos instead of being a slave to them, subduing the lower nature and through awakening the Higher Self, ending the cycle of rebirth and dwelling with the NETERS who direct and control the Great Plan."
- Kemetic Philos

The body and the temple are both referred to as "the house of God".  While the temple represents the image of our universe, our "heavens" and it's elemental design, our physical bodies are corresponding expressions, ordered as the temple, through the functions and arrangements of our organs and their frequencies. This intra-relationship is expressed through mathmatical (Ma'at) and scientific (Imhotep) theorum as GAGUT (God Almighty Grand Unified Theorum). 

The floor plan of the Temple of Amun at Karnak corresponds to the anatomical construction of the hueman body.  The head of the body, or covered temple, is regarded as the seat of the "Holy of Holies".  The African pineal gland or third eye, the the eye of HERU, is centered in the sanctuary of the oral cavity.  The keys of wisdom and knowledge (TEP HESEB), expressed through the tongue, admit us to this first frequency of "Blackness", or the ☥BLACK ROOM. 

Evolution of ancestral knowledge gave us the image of a crown chakra (sahasrāra, in Sanskrit, is known as “the bridge to the cosmos.”), often depicted as a thousand petaled lotus, or spoked wheel.  This ultimate ☥BLACK ROOM is exemplified as expressing the fulfillment and harmony of every HUEman EsSense; including color and sound. It's Mantra seed syllable encompasses all sounds (or tribes); OM, HAM, YAM, RAM, VAM, LAM. It is represented as Black NRG (energy), encompassing ALL COLORS.  Black is the primary vibration of creation.  This Black NRG (Nirguna - Sanskrit) is the origin of the unseen sciences, i.e., The 7 sacred Mysteries of white-settler religious polity, and the "Below" in the idiom, "AS ABOVE, SO BELOW".  

It is the domain of undoing and detachment from symbolic, material reality.  Like the sancuary of the covered temple, the BLACK CROWN CHAKRA is the seat of the ultimate, symptomatic reality of all truth; (NTR), bound by the clavicles, (collarbone) or walls, of AMMA.  

" is the summation of the universe."

-Scwaller DeLubicz

" The primary place given to the clavicle in the formation of the human being emphasizes its importance.  It is said that "the principal (cheif) bone of the NOMMO is the bone of the clavicle.  AMMA began the first bone of the body of the fetus with the clavicle and the skull.  Amma made the bone of the clavicle first.  The rest of the bones he made by suspending them from it.  The maturing (aging) of the bone of the clavicle (continues) until he becomes a young man." - Griaule/Dieterlen

The collarbone/clavicle is the first bone to begin the process of ossification (laying down of minerals onto a preformed matrix) during development of the embryo, during the fifth and sixth weeks of gestation. However, it is one of the last bones to finish ossification at about 21–25 years of age.

The walls of the Temple at Karnak (Ipet Isu - The most sacred of places), are decorated with illustrations related to specific areas of the HUEman body.  In the hall of the head (conception), drawings depict universal designs of space, time, energy and movement.  This hall also contains 12 columns representing the 12 laws of the Universe, which were later perverted into "The 12 tables of law", underpinning the Roman empire.

In the hall corresponding to the location of the mouth, images contain the names of every NTR, and the creation of PTAH, by spoken word.  The hall at the vocal chords show the baptism of Pharoah and the reception of his name.  In the hall of the thyroid gland (growth), there are images of childbirth and nursing. At the hall of the birth canal, it was declared "HERE IS THE BIRTHPLACE, GROWTH AND CROWNING OF PHAROAH".

The Temple ceiling is covered with images of the sky and birds that represent perception of every NTR.  This symbol of man as universe has been misrepresented in the "heavenly" mythologies of white-settler unconsciousness in extremis.

The lower halls are decorated with symbols of marsh plants.  These represent the primordial waters of NUN, or the waters of the placenta, from which man was formed, after the beginning, translated as "GENESIS".

The temple ☥BLACK ROOM at the crown of the Kemetic/Kushite head, was a defensive, fortified space that provided protection (Interception) from the lower frequencies of the public court.

The middle path is the balance and harmony represented by Ma'aT's scales of justice.  It is the way and the wisdom of equilibrium between knowing and unknowing, mercy and severity, the earth and the sky.  It is the depiction of admittance and ascension towards the expected divnity in our outer and inner worlds.

Start constructing your temple experience today.  As it was for our ancestors, your external and internal ☥BLACK ROOM  is the embodiment mental, physical and spiritual harmony, as expected divinity.  It is a location for the restoration and rejuvenation of the GOD and GODESS.  

In constructing your ☥BLACK ROOM, be sure to observe the order and arrangement of divine gender.  Goddesses construct from bottom to top and Gods, from top to bottom. However you do it, do it.  The only remedy to the distortion of daily proximity to white-settler unconsciousness, is and has always been, the ☥BLACK ROOM.  

In agreement with your continued power, provision and protection, ANKH UDJA SENEB 

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"Like the two hemispheres of the brains, African philosophy blends and combines spirituality with science.  There is no way to seperate these two concepts. Science deals with matter, finity and light.  Spirituality is space, infinity and darkness.  While they are not the same, they are like the head and tail of a coin.  Quantum physics is the inner atomic world (from skin in); and the General (gravity) and Special (electromagnetic) Laws of Relativity represents the outer world (skin out).  We, HUEmans, are the mid-point between these two worlds.  One atom, inside of our body is to us, as we are to the Universe.  Put analogically, the Atom is to the HUEman as the HUEman is to the Universe." - Professor Kaba Hiawatha Kamene

Don't get it twisted though, even jesus got rowdy when the temple was defiled!! 

PHILOS - The love of wisdom and knowledge...

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