The Black Mother Wound

A Kemetic Centered Thought Remedy


Addressing the Black Mother Wound begins with healing the Black daughter.
An active inventory of Kemetic Centered Identity, self-knowledge, and self-acceptance.

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Because the past never seems to stay where we left it, the Black daughter, who becomes the Black mother, must fortify herself against the historical, and continuing trauma of white-settler proximity, through her ancient and timeless identity as the cosmic, divine Black feminine principle of creation.

This return to the HER-IT-AGES of a collective cosmic Black mother includes inventories that foster a fearless self-honesty required to authentically begin an individual and collective healing process through self-knowledge, and self-acceptance.

Take a guided exploration of the spiritual assets that transmute the pain of generations of wounded Black mothers. Kemetic Centered Thought Remedy utilizes ancestral and indigenous principles to center the emotions, or emissions of disharmony that can delay the intuitive consciousness of the Black daughter, who becomes the Black mother.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced,” - James Baldwin..

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