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"The Black Mother Wound:
A Kemetic Centered Thought Remedy"

By Bakhet Ma'aT Sat Ra

Take a guided exploration of the spiritual assets that transmute the pain of generations of wounded Black mothers. Kemetic Centered Thought Remedy (KCTR™) utilizes ancestral and indigenous technology to center the emotions, or emissions, of disharmony that can delay the intuitive consciousness of the Black daughter, who becomes the Black mother.

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"The author, Sat Ra (2022), has etched a unique, linguistic style of her own, that expresses the spiritual, psychological, metaphysical and historical conditions of the Black female Goddess, metamorphosed into a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunty or cousin. In short, the foundation of a human - is an African Mother Being.

The author’s confident eloquence, linguistic articulation, captures the imagination of the reader to allow one to dive into the hidden subconscious realm of human emotional self butchery, perpetrated by Second Frequency and maintained by the unconscious African female body with automotive behavioural outcomes.

The Black Mother Wound book has surgical precision to slice the cancerous growth of invented racial horror that has saturated the cells of the Black Woman for centuries. This battle fatigue and destruction has accumulated over time, therefore one is warned to be grounded and prepare to embrace the pain of the trauma in which your hand is held remotely through the authors linguistic program to guide you through like an ancient initiate from your own space and time.

The author has sensitively and expertly blended subjective - anecdotal and objective analysis of research patterns. Woven within the interpretation of an African woman’s experience in close proximity to Second Frequency, is the author’s own lived racial battle fatigue. Thus authentically, increases the human relatedness and promotes empathy. This meticulous blend of perspectives, is full of compassion and express over-standing for the complexity of mother - daughter relationship, caught in a virtual, vicious, pale cycle of trauma which are both obtrusive and subtle, based on indoctrination, epigenetic or plantation programming past and present.

In this collective healing journey which this book contributes wholly, a series of tools are provided to alter the frequency of interference. It is also noted that emotional frequencies are clearly measured against the scientific model, influenced by emotion or thought frequency. Therefore, the most essential tool is your mind and body configuration in which one is guided during application. To add to the credibility of the content, the author provides an abundance of academic references, research materials and notes relevant to the author’s insightful content.

Based on Kemetic philosophy and ancient metaphysics, alongside quantum physics of today, the author incorporates ancient harmonic principles, exemplified by the symbol of Maat, to realign one’s thoughts and feelings towards the divine self. The author empowers the reader through a fraction of the 42 Kemetic virtue system, to access her (reader) self power, through linguistic frequency, intuition and reflection in a single moon cycle of Mother Earth.

Furthermore, as a male, man, father, husband, brother, uncle, son or cousin, I have learnt a great deal in terms of the extreme extent of the challenges African women have been facing in the past few centuries to date. This opens a dialogue of awareness which will inform future actions and place past experiences into its proper historical context. Thus, break this Second Frequency, cyclic trauma and bring MAAT peace and harmony to the children of the sun once again as it was in the beginning of infinite time."

Book Review

Keiron V. - UK

Afrocentric Research Assoc.


The past; the collective unconscious we DO NOT remember.


The present; who we are NOW!


The sound mer has 2 meanings in KMT Egypt. Mir means Love as well as pyramid. The word amor, Amir, amore and its variants have are rooted in this sound. Mr or amor is also the basis of the word immortal. Mari means beloved in Egypt and was a title of Isis as well as the Mother Goddess of Syria.

Moors are one of the prominent names of the pyramid and mound building cultures tracing back past Lemuria up even to present day.

More also can mean to expand. To expand is to flow with the life currents and impulses. Anything unlike MR or Love in our mind emotions, and vibration, can cause us to either shut down the expansion or to learn to flow more and to expand.

And eventually shutting down the flow of Love, Mr, moor, or expansion becomes so stagnant, we will joyfully choose moor or expansion.

Mr expansion or more in this sense means love. - illuminaticongo, 2017

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