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"The Black Mother Wound:
A Kemetic Centered Thought Remedy"

By Bakhet Ma'aT Sat Ra

Take a guided exploration of the spiritual assets that transmute the pain of generations of wounded Black mothers. Kemetic Centered Thought Remedy (KCTR™) utilizes ancestral and indigenous technology to center the emotions, or emissions, of disharmony that can delay the intuitive consciousness of the Black daughter, who becomes the Black mother.

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The past; the collective unconscious we DO NOT remember.


The present; who we are NOW!

Attending the Wound E-course

is coming 11/11/22

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Give the E-course as a gift to a Black Mother's child you love!


The sound mer has 2 meanings in KMT Egypt. Mir means Love as well as pyramid. The word amor, Amir, amore and its variants have are rooted in this sound. Mr or amor is also the basis of the word immortal. Mari means beloved in Egypt and was a title of Isis as well as the Mother Goddess of Syria.

Moors are one of the prominent names of the pyramid and mound building cultures tracing back past Lemuria up even to present day.

More also can mean to expand. To expand is to flow with the life currents and impulses. Anything unlike MR or Love in our mind emotions, and vibration, can cause us to either shut down the expansion or to learn to flow more and to expand.

And eventually shutting down the flow of Love, Mr, moor, or expansion becomes so stagnant, we will joyfully choose moor or expansion.

Mr expansion or more in this sense means love. - illuminaticongo, 2017

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